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Body Care for the 21st Century


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We are sisters that handcraft unique artistic body care products that tell short stories. All ingredients, scent, color, and artistic design are meaningfully chosen to bring art to even the little things around us.

All items are COMPLETELY PLANT BASED. We are Certified Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny & Certified Vegan. We use Non-GMO Olive Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil,  Non-Toxic & Paraben Free ingredients.

Certified Vegan

Certified Vegan

Certified Cruelty Free-Leaping Bunny

Certified Cruelty Free-Leaping Bunny




Raves & Reviews!

Athena, Zeus, Hera. My absolute favorites. The scents are beautiful and don’t interfere with my allergies at all. My skin feels so soft and smooth and beautifully scented. Hoping antiquity will work on matching body oils or moisturizers next.
— Sylvia Sanchez
I have highly sensative skin and allergies. Not knowing how much chemicals are on our bar soaps agrivated my skin. Using natural ingredients and essential oils such as antiquity brand has a made huge difference on my skin. Now its much more supple and clear. I can never go back to using store bought soaps. Currently in love with Hestia and Hermes bars!
— Vicky Paredes
Wonderful soap! It left my skin smooth and soft without gross residue. Even the back of my neck feels softer, and I never thought of that area as a dry skin trouble spot. My skin feels cleaner, especially after using the little scrub bag I received free with purchase. I mostly use the unscented Tabula Rasa because my husband has a bad reaction to smells (not that the scented soaps are overwhelming, he is just one of those super smellers. Trust me, the scents are amazing! ). I also use the Hestia with its subtle oatmeal aroma. I have bought a lot of these soaps to give as gifts because I know I’m giving a quality product. You can just see the work and care that went into making each circle of soap. (Just look at that Athena owl or the multicolored Hera or the sea salt inside the Poseidon!) This is a great company with creative, hard-working people that I am happy to support!
— Becky Montgomery
I was given the most wonderful smelling soap today made with pure eucalyptus essential oil, shea butter, and bentonite clay. My skin feels clean and smooth! The sent is amazing! Thank you Crystal and Marlene. We all THANK YOU at Spin 360 Fitness for your beautiful display and generous gifts! I love the packaging too! You know you are getting something wonderful! Love you
— Tina, Annisa and Alexis, simply a joy to ride and use.
Before I never would have spent more than $2 on a bar of soap... And then I tried the Artemis Moon soap (Eucalyptus Essential Oil & Activated Charcoal) and now I am never going back to “regular” store-bought soap.
I LOVE how it makes my whole bathroom smell fresh and clean all day, and especially love how it makes my skin feel cleansed and exfoliated.
Sometimes I’ll use this soap as cologne and I get more compliments than I would using any expensive spray. Not only that, I found that it works great for a nice shaving lather as well!
MVP (Most valuable product) in my bathroom goes to this soap right here.
Thank you so much!
— Kyle Goss
I have sensitive and dry skin and tried many different soaps. But most of them were not able to moisturize my skin and solve my problem. Until I found Hera Peacock and Psyche Butterfly. High quality soaps with all natural ingredients. They smell so good and make my skin so smooth and soft. After using them, I don’t have dry skin anymore. It’s so good that I use it to clean my face everyday!
— Connie Ho
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